How To Use Drake's Organic Spirits Hand Sanitizer

Important! Please read thoroughly:

  • On average sized hands it takes 1ml or 20 drops of Hand Sanitizer to properly sanitize your hands. If you have larger hands you may need a little more. Each 2 oz Eco Pouch should be enough to sanitize average sized hands 59 times.
  • CDC Guidelines for hand washing and hand sanitizer use: When using hand sanitizer, apply the product to the palm of one hand and rub the product all over the surfaces of your hands until your hands are dry.
  • Why? The steps for hand sanitizer use are based on a simplified procedure recommended by CDC. Instructing people to cover all surfaces of both hands with hand sanitizer has been found to provide similar disinfection effectiveness as providing detailed steps for rubbing-in hand sanitizer.

  • BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU OPEN A POUCH! Either open very slowly by hand making sure not to spill, OR we've found holding the pouch upright and securely from the top and carefully cutting off the top corner with a scissors allows you to create a smaller opening which increases your control of the stream when you pour into your container.
  • What Container Should I Use? Good question. If you have an empty hand sanitizer dispenser, bottle or spray bottle, perfect! We also show below using how we used an empty soap dispenser and an empty (and cleaned) essential oils bottle. Simply pick a dispenser you decide is best for your purposes. Just make sure it is clean and didn't contain anything toxic for it's original purpose. You also want to pick a dispenser that helps you easily control how much you apply to your hands.If you have any questions at all, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.