From Spiked Ice to Hand Sanitizer

This is a really quick story. Promise. So, how did this....

Turn into this?

Drake's Organic Spirits Hand Sanitizer

In 2017, Mark Anderson began Drake's Organic Spirits with the goal of producing Award Winning Organic Spirits with the purest and healthiest ingredients possible. With a lot of hard work, he got it done. When the Covid-19 Pandemic made it to the USA creating a hand sanitizer shortage for the nation and most importantly a shortage for our Frontline Workers, Mark decided he needed to help.

What does Spiked Ice™ have to do with hand sanitizer? Well, believe it or not, RIGHT NOW the biggest problem of getting hand sanitizer to those who need it is NOT a shortage of ingredients. Nope. It's a shortage of individual containers to distribute it in.

 Luckily, In 2018 Drake's began producing Spiked Ice™, a line of Freeze and Eat Adult Pops. They proved to be a smashing success nationwide at festivals, sporting events and in consumer packaging at retail. In other words: he was distributing liquid in small containers all over the USA. See where this is headed?

Mark immediately began converting all of his Spiked Ice™ production capacity to make hand sanitizer to World Health Organization specifications. The result: Easily distributed 2 oz. pouches that can be used to refill an existing (and empty) hand sanitizer or soap dispenser. Our donation model was created to be self sustainable. The ingredients, production, labor, packaging, support staff... these all cost money. Without help from people like you, we wouldn't be able to donate much hand sanitizer or for very long before we ran out of money.

We believe citizens in the USA not being able to get hand sanitizer to protect their families is unbelievable. We believe Frontline Workers fighting Covid-19 on behalf of ALL OF US not being able to get hand sanitizer is an absolute travesty.

Thank you so much for helping us in this effort. We believe if we all come together we can get through this tough time. Everyone at Drake's Organic Spirits wishes you and your loved ones the best.